7 Ways to make your self better in your work

What’s the best way to become better at your job? I’ve put together seven tips that should help you improve your self in your work.

1. Active. Remember, if you want to improve your skill, you need to be active, ask when you get problem, ask when you are not clear about requirement or any request, conversation. Don’t be shy, because if you got the problem with the inactive reason, you will get a lot of another problem with your manager. You can see, almost success guy is active guy.

2. Organized. With the growth of email, messaging, tweeting and everything else, it can be challenging to stay on top of your workload. So you need to take action immediate when you received email, delete junk email, answer immediate short email, and set priority of all email which you can not answer immediate. If you cannot answer immediate when you read, put it is unread.

3. Single Task. After 3 years working and reading, I see the best way to work with the highest performance that you need to do per each task, face one by one and finish one by one. You will be waste a lot of time when do parallel answer email, jump to some website, code some projects, and try to work with the same time. That’s why your work is not effective. And some times, you missed some important task. Remember, the fastest way is the step-by-step way. Always.

4. Prepare. I see some people got problem with preparing work. Almost people come to meeting without preparation, just join and hear. It is not good. If you want to have a success meeting, you need to prepare. Never said you have no times, everyone have 24 hours, not only you. If you cannot finish in 24 hours, how can you finish it on tomorrow, when you have 24 hours too?

5. Relationship. This is very important skill, which you need to have if you want to survive in every team, the most teamwork skill. Let’s try and you will see, you are stronger a lot of time when you have a great team.

6. Listening. Listen to your partners, your friend, and your boss. It will help you more understanding about requirement, thinking again about your decision, and your relationship will be more closely. The best way to show your effect is not talk. It is listen.

7. Relaxing. You should have a vacation per quarter. That is the time to forget every thing about the work, don’t worry about your boss email, just do what you want. Let your mind is rest. And when you are back, your works will be more effective.